About Curt’s Woodturning

By: curt

May 17 2010


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“One of the remarkable things about wood is its self expression. Whether as a handle of a tool, as a dead stump, or alive in a forest where every branch is a record of the winds that blew, it is always telling something about itself. That is why man has an affinity with wood not only as a mere material, but also as a kindred spirit to live with and to know.”
Eric Sloane, A Reverence for Wood

The first time I read that quote ¬†was one of those times when a light came on and I realized that ¬†someone had put into words what I’ve tried to say myself but couldn’t. I love the forms, shapes, and the designs you can create from wood. I love the feel of wood, the smell, when turning wood you even get the chance at times to taste the wood. And I love the feel of a sharp tool cutting into the wood, exposing what nature has created under the cloak of the bark. But mostly I love the wood itself, the way the wood expresses itself. The following pages are my effort to share some of the pieces of wood I’ve turned. Some are somewhat functional, some are pure whimsy, some are just a shape or form that came out of the wood that I thought looked good at the time. Take a look, if you like something you see, let me know. If you don’t like something, definitely let me know. And if you have any questions, ask away and I’ll try to answer them. Thanks for looking!